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During the last two decades, the history of elites gained, slowly but surely, an important place within the Romanian historiographical environment. Along the constantly rising interest for biographical writing, partially supported by the book consumers’ growing expectations, new directions also emerged, consisting in prosopographical research, social history approaches and some scarce theoretical contributions.  
Mainly the ecclesiastical, political and intellectual elites were brought into the spotlight, less interest was shown towards the administrative, financial and economic elite, and little to no interest seem to have been spawned by categories such as the officers or liberal professions practitioners (physicians, lawyers).
These shortcomings, generated by the research field’s vastness, will most probably be surmounted in the long run, yet presently another pressing issue stands at the doorstep. Despite the aforementioned premises, the theoretical construct needed to host the Romanian history of elites remains in the early phases of its building process. The main reason seems to be the lack of                  
architectural perspective, partially due to the variety of elite research-related topics and the difficulty to host them all under one roof.  
The need to bridge the gap between various elite-related subjects was the first of the two conjoining factors that led to the creation of this website. The other was a more  pragmatic one, consisting in the mandatory requirement for every CNCS-UEFISCDI financed project to promote its activities and achievements through a web site.
Thus, the idea of a web portal dedicated to the history of elites in Romania sprung out, and an old web site dedicated to a particular project became the home of another, along with hope that, in future, we will have the opportunity of hosting a constantly growing number of elite-related web sites and materials.
So if you, accidentally or not, landed on our web page, consider this an open invitation and do not hesitate to contact  and join us. Bring along your friends and your web site too, if you wish, and you’ll find out we are great hosts!